Braubuddy is a temperature management framework written in Python.

Conceived as a means of monitoring and controlling the fermentation temperature of beer, Braubuddy can be used in any situation where visibility and/or control of temperature is critical:

  • Keep tropical fish swimming happily in water that’s 26°C
  • Brew a perfect lager by fermenting at a constant 9°C
  • Maximise employee productivity with an optimum office ambient air temp of 21.5°C


Dedicated temperature management devices suffer various limitations:

  • Thermostat algorithms often can not be customised.
  • Adjusting settings and monitoring temperature readings require physical access.
  • Output is limited to a simple digital display and no historical data is retained.
  • Heater/cooler control is limited to switching mains power on/off.
  • Changes to target temperature cannot be scheduled.
  • Fully-featured units can be expensive.

Braubuddy avoids these limitations by implementing temperature management in software. A modular, extensible design allows Braubuddy to interface with any Thermometer or Environmental Controller hardware which enjoys Python support.


Web Interface

Braubuddy‘s web interface facilitates temperature monitoring from any device with a web browser:



Time-series temperature, heating and cooling metrics may be consumed programatically using the Braubuddy API.


Braubuddy outputs allow metric values to be recorded in a variety of formats or published directly to external services.


The various Braubuddy components are designed to be extended. Consult the contribution guidelines if you’d like to request or contribute support for a particular component.


A temperature management framework written in Python.